Always & Only:
Pure, Perfect Shrimp.
Crystal Clear Water.
Natural Ocean Salt.

Our super-premium shrimp is always and only responsibly raised in crystal clear water with natural ocean salt — producing a taste of natural purity that can’t be replicated. Forever free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, chemicals, environmental toxins, and anything else that doesn’t come from Mother Nature.


Impeccable whole shrimp for full flavour —
an extraordinary culinary experience.

“Planet Shrimp is the cleanest, sweetest tasting shrimp that we have ever tried … raised here in Ontario, without the use of hormones and antibiotics, it’s just outstanding”

Randy Smith – Director National Accounts
Intercity Packers Ltd.​

“A delicious, Canadian-grown sustainably raised choice you can feel great about putting on your menu.”

Deirdre Finn – Manager
Ocean Wise Seafood

“… Planet Shrimp has created a land based seafood protein for human consumption that is preserving our natural oceans and wild shrimp populations … forward thinking … a great development for Ontario and Canada.”

Jason Bangerter – Executive Chef
Langdon Hall




Clean. Sweet. Firm. Succulent.
The hallmarks of shrimp, perfected.

Center of plate perfection or the quintessential accompaniment to every meal — recognized by Restaurant Canada as most innovative product of 2018.