Clear Choices
Planet Shrimp’s closed-system shrimp farms ensure continuous re-circulation of pure-filtered clear water.

Always recycling natural waste elements.
No effluents & no impact on natural ecosystems & outdoor environments.

Planet Shrimp – a truly responsible farm-to-fork organization.
Firmly founded on unwavering corporate values.



Recognized by Ocean Wise & Sea Choice.

Planet Shrimp – beyond dedicated in principle & practice to ensuring minimal impact on the world’s fragile oceans, seas & surrounding environments.
Ensuring The World’s Best Farm-To-Fork Standards & Practices.

Planet Shrimp – fully bio-secure indoor farms. ForeverFree™ of all harmful chemicals, unhealthy additives & toxic elements.

Exacting policies & procedures ensure end-to-end traceability & product integrity.

Certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).